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The importance of slowing down

It ironically took a colonoscopy for me to find some time to stop what I was doing and write — so hello from the Saturday after my Friday colonoscopy. I am 5 pounds lighter and a bit slow today, but feeling a-okay about the world since I am not drinking a 32oz Big Gulp of MoviPrep (bleh!) or wearing hospital socks. I’ve actually found the time to pay bills, write a few thank you’s and watch several episodes of The Good Wife while my husband takes good care of me and our sweet, crazy toddler.

With all of that in mind, I thought I’d share an awesome collection of TED videos about the importance of slowing down, something I do not often do. One of my favorites — if you cannot slow down long enough to watch many of them — is by Paolo Cardini who makes a strong case for “monotasking.” It’s fantastic.

Bon week-end!

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