Chronic Style

A blog about living stylishly with a few chronic illnesses.

About Chronic Style: Being the eternal optimist that I am, Chronic Style is my way of looking at living with long-term and debilitating illness.

If you’re living with a chronic illness (or several), you don’t need to be reminded of the pain and suffering you endure on a daily basis. I’ve learned a lot from living with both Crohn’s disease and vasculitis (Wegener’s/pulmonary) that I’m stoked to share with anyone who is willing to read, listen, and/or contribute.

About Katie: I’m a graphic designer and digital marketing director at IDEO with a major passion for health care and patient advocacy.

Outside of being a professional patient, I love to surf, travel, play music, hang out with my family, capture and share my incredible life through photography, illustration and tweets.

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