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It ironically took a colonoscopy for me to find some time to stop what I was doing and write — so hello from the Saturday after my Friday colonoscopy. I am 5 pounds lighter and a bit slow today, but feeling a-okay about the world since I am not drinking a 32oz Big Gulp of MoviPrep (bleh!) or wearing hospital socks. I’ve actually found the time to pay bills, write a few thank you’s and watch several episodes of The Good Wife while my husband takes good care of me and our sweet, crazy toddler.

With all of that in mind, I thought I’d share an awesome collection of TED videos about the importance of slowing down, something I do not often do. One of my favorites — if you cannot slow down long enough to watch many of them — is by Paolo Cardini who makes a strong case for “monotasking.” It’s fantastic.

Bon week-end!

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This morning, I had a very early photoshoot for my colon. And not unlike a runway model, I arrived starving for my 6am location call at the hospital — having not eaten for over a day. I’ve had more of these ‘scopies than I can count on two hands and I must say that every bowel prep is a reminder that hell for me is not a place of fiery brimstone. Nope, it mainly involves anything with sodium phosphate (and hives, now that I think of it).

My brother always tells me that “every day is a good day” and while I would usually beg to differ that no day that includes a colonoscopy could be a “good day,” it was indeed for me. This was my first truly healthy colonoscopy, ever. No sign of inflammation was found for the first time since I’ve been on this journey for over a decade. And while that doesn’t rule out the extraneous symptoms I’ve continued to wrestle with from vasculitis and extraintestinal Crohn’s, this is still a big f***ing deal (for me) as Mr. Biden would say. And further proof that I’ve got one incredible NASCAR team at UCSF.

I’ll now pour a slightly tall glass of ginger ale and watch an episode of The Wire in celebration. My colon is apparently ready for fashion week. Bon week-end to you all.

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