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“By fostering simple innovations through design thinking in hospitals, we can tackle many challenges in the hospital in new ways, saving both dollars and lives.”

As a designer and professional patient, I couldn’t be more thrilled to read this piece by Dr. Amitha Kalaichandran, a Toronto-based pediatrician. Dr. Kalaichandran illustrates several examples of design thinking being successfully used in various hospital settings from a patient’s pain level assessment to trauma teams in emergency rooms. Check out the full piece here.

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I was incredibly inspired by my colleague Jose Colucci‘s daughter, Lina Colucci, and her TEDx Brussels performance/talk about hacking medicine. As someone who has worn painful pointe shoes (and still have the awful feet to prove it), taken multiple medicines, and used a breast pump, I found quite a lot to empathize with here. I know you will too.

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I’ll keep this one short because this story is just so awesomely succinct (and a bit older, but every time I read it I smile).

@ChrisStrouth tweeted “sh*t, I need a kidney” and then got one. Read more here =

Many other great Twitter stories here =

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